Frequently asked questions

Mailing list

We let you know whenever we are in Zurich, so you can book an appointment. We might also occasionally send emails about new offers we have for you. That's it, no spam.
We understand this. That's why all appointments you book are without further commitment: you don't pay anything until you place an order. We think that only the right atmosphere in a personal meeting can build the mutual trust for a purchase. If you don't feel comfortable in the meeting, you can walk out without any obligations.

Book appointments

Since we are a company based in Zurich, we are constantly in Zurich. If you have any questions or need support, just let us know.

For consultation and measurements, we are planning to offer appointments with our tailor roughly every 6 weeks across Zurich and several locations in Germany.

An appointment is only binding as far as that we would expect to meet you - similar to a booking in a restaurant. In case you can't make it anymore, please cancel as early as possible so we can free up your slot again.

However, as stated before, the appointment does not come with any obligation to order anything. In that sense it's truly non-committal.

Send us an email. If there's any way to squeeze you into our schedule somewhere, we're going to make it happen.
We understand that for a variety of reasons short-term changes or cancelations can be inevitable sometimes. You can open the confirmation email from your appointment and change / cancel the appointment by clicking on "View appointment". If you cannot find your confirmation email, you can also send us an email about it.

Consultation & measurements

That depends on the extent of consultation you would like to receive. We usually need 30 minutes. But if you know rather precisely what you want, we can be done in 15 minutes.
Our team usually wears suits for the meeting and then, of course, only our own products. However, since we are mobile, we only offer small samples of our fabrics and photos of our cuts apart from that. That's the compromise we are making to offer maximum flexibility for you.
No problem, we are happy to visit you or your company. Just visit our booking tool and choose the respective option. We do this only in Zurich however.

Ordering & payment

You will buy the wear directly from the tailor. Lapel & Tie only licenses its brand name and offers its services as an agent and interpreter to the tailor. However, we also personally vouch for delivery and quality of your wear and are your go-to partner in case of any concerns or problems.
All prices include shipping costs and VAT, there is nothing to worry about. Additional shipping costs may occur in case you wish to use our express delivery. Price surcharges for express deliverz will be within the usual order range and we are going to explicitly make you aware of any extra charges when you order with us.
Yes. As soon as the order is agreed on in our in-person meeting, we regard it as binding. If you would like to cancel, contact us as soon as possible. If the order is not yet in production, we can sometimes still cancel it at no costs.

With credit cards. When you order, you pay a deposit of 50% and we take your credit card data. As soon as the clothes are on their way to your home, we book the final payment. Other means of payment can be agreed on occasionally.

Your card information is safe with us by the way. We and our provider fulfill all requirements by the credit card companies for storing the information.

In most cases, we recommend to meet us again for a consultation. If you don't have time and already know what you would like to order, you can also get in touch via email.

Production & CO2 neutrality

The production is in Thailand which has an excellent reputation in textile processing, especially with regards to business wear. Our small-scale production adheres to fair labor conditions. We minimize administrative costs through our lean business model. We don't think our suits are cheap, but rather affordable. Why are other tailors so much more expensive, even though they often produce in the Far East? We don't know, either.

We computed the CO2 footprint of our wool suits, cotton shirts, and silk ties. We ended up at around 30kg CO2 per suit, 8 kg CO2 per shirt and 3kg CO2 per tie. Of course these are only reference values and regular cleaning by the end user adds to the CO2 footprint of clothing. That's why we decided to offset 10 times these emissions through our provider The South Pole Group. Plus, of course, the flight of our tailor. So both, you and we can have a CO2-clear conscience for the whole lifecycle of our products.

In which projects we invest, depends what our provider currently offers. We always try to offset through projects that also have a value for society. At the moment, we neutralize all your orders through sustainable agriculture in Zimbabwe. This not only saves CO2 emissions, but also improves the quality of life of the local people.

Shipment and changes

Your clothes arrive within six weeks, often faster. If you are really in a hurry, we can often prioritize and deliver within four weeks - price surcharges for express delivery may apply and will be explicitely mentioned.
Despite thorough measurement, details of the suit may need inital adjustments. This is quite normal, even a good tailor often regularly needs more than one sitting until the suit fits perfectly. We offer two options:
  1. Externally. You visit a tailor of your choice and have the suit changed. We pay. We just need the details of the changes (new measurements) and a receipt. Please contact us before you have anything changed, so that we can clarify the process with you.
  2. We change. You wait until we are back in Zurich, and we change the clothes for you.
This truly is an exception and should not happen. However, we promise full satisfaction and flexibility. If you are not happy at all, please get in touch. We will let you know about our money-back process.

Referral scheme

You tell a friend or a colleague about our offer. That person subscribes to our mailing list and mentions your email address in the respective field. Done. You get a notification as soon as that person orders (order needs to be at least one of our packages or a comparable order). Important note: Make sure that your friend or colleague mentions an email address we know already.
Automatically. We're going to take care of that when your next order comes in. But feel free to let us know again when you place your order.

Cancellation & measurements

We are sad to hear you are not interested in our offers anymore. You can easily unsubscribe by clicking the respective button in the next email you receive.
Of course, they are yours. Simply send us an email. Please note that every tailor measures a little differently. Your measurements might not be usable without review with other tailors.